Where your money goes?

All the money fundraised through our challenges is distributed across our partner community organisations to help with the following good causes across Wales.


CAFgas Community interest company (CIC) is Wales’ first non -profit, plumbing and heating social enterprise. We have over twenty years’ experience in the heating industry and are boiler installation, service and repair experts. Installing boilers and central heating systems around Wales and England. However, we have decided that we now want to use Cafgas CIC as a vehicle to contribute significantly to the communities we work in, with at least 50% of the revenue we generate going back into good causes. We have been recognised at Senedd level for the help we provided during the pandemic and have won National Awards for our endevours. With the money raised we will provide free boiler repair for people in need.


Vulnerable people in our society are disproportionately at risk of experiencing additional life challenges, such as mental illness or substance dependency, and require consistent and seamless support to aid their recovery. Adferiad Recovery provides a broad range of individualised services for some of the most vulnerable members of our community and their carers, with a particular focus on those suffering from mental health problems, substance misuse issues and co-occurring and complex needs. The charity is recovery-focused and promotes a positive step-by-step approach to achieving lasting change and better quality of life.


The strain Covid-19 has put on our NHS has caused a backlog
in hospitals. Our nurses and doctors are doing all they can but inevitably there is an impact on patients being diagnosed and cared for, particularly those with terminal illnesses such as Cancer. We want to help support the charities that are providing support to patients being given life-altering diagnoses. This is why we will support Marie Curie.


POP marketing’s mission is to empower small businesses and not for profits with the tools they need to succeed in the digital world. As a Community Interest Company, they prioritise giving back and making a positive impact in the communities they serve. Their team of experienced marketers utilises data-driven strategies to drive website traffic, increase engagement, and boost conversions. Their passion for helping businesses succeed doesn’t stop at just delivering results. They also strive to educate and inform their clients on the latest digital marketing trends and strategies.


The throwaway culture and lack of wild habitats for animals across the world have never been so serious as it is now! Plastic issues, especially with single-use plastics, is one of the biggest environmental issues the modern world faces. As landfills are getting increasingly full the overspill of plastic is seen everywhere in the natural world. We must act now! So, one of the challenges we have set for a Grand Week in Wales 2022 is to collect 1000 bags of litter. #GrandWelshPick We are looking for your help to collect bags of litter across Wales and do your part in cleaning up the global mess. Bags must be bin bag size or larger. We aim to run and connect litter picking groups around Wales to achieve our goal of picking and collecting 1000 bags of litter over the week from 22nd February. We are encouraging children, groups, businesses, families, and individuals to be sponsored for your litter/plastic clean-up to raise money for the charities involved with A Grand Week in Wales.

The Grand Welsh Litter
Pick challenge will be headed by Green Paw Project and One Global Ocean.


One Global Ocean, established in 2021, aims to cultivate a community dedicated to ocean conservation. This volunteer-based organisation not only spearheads regular clean-ups along the North Wales coastline but also educates future generations about the importance of protecting marine life. With strategic campaigns, they’ve successfully removed over 7128kg of marine litter to date. Beyond their clean-up efforts, they strive to inspire and educate, staying informed about the latest marine conservation strategies.

The Grand Welsh Litter
Pick challenge will be headed by Green Paw Project and One Global Ocean.


People with learning disabilities often find themselves excluded and unable to interact with communities and this is felt tremendously by those who have these often misunderstood conditions. Fortunately there are the awesome organisations like Yellow and blue, which put these needs at the forefront of what they do, to create a socially inclusive place for their volunteers and beneficiaries to interact and have fun in all the different activities they offer. Building stronger and more socially inclusive communities, breaking down the barriers and educating people about these conditions and disabilities.


The Dusty Forge also provides a range of support services for the community including, the ACE Community Shop providing essential household bric-a-brac, clothes, school uniforms, toys, baby items and more; Your Local Pantry Dusty Forge which offers affordable and healthy food for a small weekly subscription of £5 to members; ACE Community Support, a drop-in information and support sessions to help with a range of issues; a range of local health and wellbeing groups providing therapeutic and social activities that promote mental health and positive relationships, including Knit and Natter and Retreat; and Working Well, which is working with local people to develop responses and solutions to in-work poverty.


Sports For Champions UK (CIC) is on a mission to EDUCATE–ENABLE–EMPOWER  youth in line with the national agenda for child welfare, public health, and safety. Team SFC currently has around 50 active partnerships, with the majority comprising world-class athletic talents who inspire children as champions of tomorrow in their performance as pro, para, and Olympic athletes. Despite a decade of success in Europe with almost 1 million children engaged, Team SFC remains without funding. The organisation is sustained through community collaborations–not donations. The team engages 100 schools, clubs, and corporates a month to inspire healthier active lifestyles with a focus on health and wellness through nutrition, in addition to workshops on knife crime, resilience, and self-esteem.


Nanny Biscuit was created to bring together others in the community in a positive, empowering and purposeful way to create positive outcomes in areas such as mental health, isolation, disability, ex-forces support, local ecology and age concern – for the people of Britain, by the people of Britain Nanny Biscuit is a multi-faceted project designed to identify, develop and embed a series of smaller community focussed projects in the area we set up with the view to developing into a Charitable Foundation in due course.


Woody’s Lodge is a meeting place for those who’ve served in the Armed Forces or Emergency Services. At Woody’s Lodge you will find expert advice & support, friendship & camaraderie as well like-minded people who have similar experiences to you. With locations in North, South and West Wales, we provide Armed Forces support across Wales.
Woody’s Lodge are also on hand to help the families and loved ones of those who have served. It can take some time and compromising to re-adjust to normal life after active service has ended. Our meeting space provides a neutral space to get the help veterans and their families back on track.


WeMindTheGap is a social mobility charity operating across the North West and North Wales. Established in 2014, it has been providing new opportunities in life and work for young individuals who deserve better. The charity fills any gaps in their lives with unwavering love, support, and care.
The charity offers a variety of programs. WeDiscover is a three-month, virtual program designed for 16-18 year-olds, providing opportunities to acquire new skills and experiences. With the assistance of a mentor, participants can build a plan for a promising future. WeGrow is a 12-month, transformative program for individuals aged 18 and above, including six months of paid employment, work placements, coaching and mentoring sessions, as well as activity days and experiences. Lastly, WeBelong is a program in which young people participating in the programs often refer to themselves as “gappies.” All gappies become part of the WeMindTheGap family through the WeBelong program, receiving lifelong support and access to a safe and trusted person for guidance on various aspects of life, such as career, housing, finances, well-being, or relationships.
The outcomes are impressive: 100% of the participants report feeling more at ease and in control of their lives, while 70% of the graduates move on to paid employment or volunteer opportunities.


With all the strain currently on the NHS, every penny really counts! This is why the completely volunteer-led charity Blood Bikes will be supported through A Grand Week In Wales. They literally support the lifeblood of the NHS by distributing essential blood and breast milk supplies around the UK, saving the NHS millions in the process, and saving lives on a daily basis. Led by their volunteers who, as the name suggests, use their motorbikes to get their precious cargo to the hospitals and outlets where it is needed most, in the quickest possible time.


By donating to A Grand Week in Wales you will help Nanny Biscuit and our partner organisations to continue to reach those who need us most.

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