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Why Grand Welsh Art?

Welsh artists get inspired by the amazing stories, history, and language of Wales, as well as its beautiful landscapes. They use their imagination to make beautiful things that show what it means to be Welsh. Whether it’s traditional crafts or modern art, Welsh art is a fantastic way to explore and celebrate the special culture and creativity of Wales! 
To celebrate all things we love about Wales, we are asking as many people, schools, associations and community groups as possible to make/draw/create a daffodil and submit it to our target of 1,000 pieces of Art across Wales. 

What is the Grand Welsh Art Challenge?

The challenge is to create your artwork using whatever materials you have available. Paint, use coloured plastic, egg boxes, spare card, whatever you can find to make the perfect Welsh piece of Artwork. You could even use items from your recycling to create a work of art! 

How can i get Involved?

Joining our #GrandWelshArt challenge couldn’t be easier!

Once you have made your artful creation, just click the button below and fill in the form with how many you have made and which part of Wales you are from.

We’d also love to see photos of you as you’re making your finished works of art!

Send them to us or share on social media and tag Nanny Biscuit and use the hashtags #GrandWeekInWales & #GrandWelshArt.

We will share them on our social media channels and website, with the aim of showcasing the creative and artistic talents of people from all across Wales!
All you need to do now is set yourself a target and get as many people involved as possible. You could also use this as an opportunity to fundraise for Nanny Biscuit or a local charity of your choice.

All monies raised for A Grand Week in Wales are distributed in the following way

20% to Nanny Biscuit to combat food poverty, isolation and loneliness, with the remainder evenly distributed between our brilliant national partner organisations

Make a donation

By donating to A Grand Week in Wales you will help Nanny Biscuit and our partner organisations to continue to reach those who need us most.

Ready to start fundraising?

Create your free fundraising page for A Grand Week in Wales and start collecting sponsorship and donations from friends and family.

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