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Why a Grand Welsh Music?

The cultural heritage of Wales is deeply rooted in its musical traditions, with a long-standing history of vibrant performances and the joyful art of choral singing. As we look forward to the future, it’s important to recognize and celebrate the rich musical heritage that Wales has to offer. Therefore, we are thrilled to announce our plans for Grand Welsh Music, a celebration of the diverse musical talents of Wales.
Grand Welsh Music is not just an event, but an opportunity to celebrate the power of music and its ability to unite people. Whether it’s the joyous energy of live performances or the soul-stirring harmonies of choral singing, we believe that music has the power to lift spirits and bring people together. Therefore, we invite everyone to be a part of this celebration of Welsh music, and to revel in the collective experience of this unique musical culture.

What is the Grand Welsh Music challenge?

We want to collate 1000 musical performances, whether that be singing, playing an instrument or any other musical talent you have. Each person makes a performer to add to our 1,000 total! We would like to hear music and see performances from a wide range of genres of music and from every corner of our country.
Our Grand Welsh Music challenge will culminate in certain participants being selected to take part in creating a remotely recorded, collaborative rendition of the Welsh National Anthem, coupled with a video montage of the other activities that have taken place across the week.

How can i get Involved?

Joining our #grandwelshmusic challenge couldn’t be simpler!

Simply create a video of your performance and share on social media and tag Nanny Biscuit and use the hashtags #grandweekinwales & #grandwelshmusic.

We will share them on our social media channels and website, with the aim of showcasing musicians from all across Wales!

Need a little inspiration? One of our partner organisations, YAB in Wrexham, are putting this event on!

A celebration and fundraising day for the Grand Week in Wales with a piano-thon!

The circumference of Wales is close to 1000 miles, and as part of a huge collaboration to raise money towards A Grand Week In Wales, the members of our community will be playing a Crane and Sons piano which was built in Wrexham nearly 100 years ago, continuously for 1000 minutes during the Grand Week event! From 8 am to 10.30 pm.
All you need to do now is set yourself a target and get as many people involved as possible. You could also use this as an opportunity to fundraise for Nanny Biscuit or a local charity of your choice.

All monies raised for A Grand Week in Wales are distributed in the following way

20% to Nanny Biscuit to combat food poverty, isolation and loneliness, with the remainder evenly distributed between our brilliant national partner organisations

Make a donation

By donating to A Grand Week in Wales you will help Nanny Biscuit and our partner organisations to continue to reach those who need us most.

Ready to start fundraising?

Create your free fundraising page for A Grand Week in Wales and start collecting sponsorship and donations from friends and family.

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