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Why Grand Welsh Photography?

Wales is full of natural beauty and surprising history. Did you know that there are more castles per square mile in Wales than any other European country? There are over 600 castles in Wales.
We are so lucky to have three National Parks and five Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Wales. The parks are the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, Snowdonia National Park and Brecon Beacons National Park. Together, they cover one-fifth of the country’s landmass.
The highest mountain in Wales is Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon), which you can see at Snowdonia, one of Wales’ National Parks. It is 1,085 metres high, or 6,560 feet high.
So it goes to show there are plenty of things to photograph!

What is the Grand Welsh Photography Challenge?

We are looking for 1,000 photos in and around Wales to be submitted and shared!
See yourself as the next David Bailey? If so, we would love to see your picture! We’re looking for pictures of our beautiful nation, whether it’s our sweeping valleys, rugged coastline or bustling cities, with extra points given to anyone who can find and snap a Dragon!

How can i get Involved?

We’d also love to see your photos

Share your photos on social media, tag Nanny Biscuit, and use the hashtags #GrandWeekInWales & #GrandWelshPhotography.

We will share them on our social media channels and website to showcase the snap-happy talents of people from all across Wales!
All you need to do now is set yourself a target and get as many people involved as possible. You could also use this as an opportunity to fundraise for Nanny Biscuit or a local charity of your choice.

All monies raised for A Grand Week in Wales are distributed in the following way

20% to Nanny Biscuit to combat food poverty, isolation and loneliness, with the remainder evenly distributed between our brilliant national partner organisations

Make a donation

By donating to A Grand Week in Wales you will help Nanny Biscuit and our partner organisations to continue to reach those who need us most.

Ready to start fundraising?

Create your free fundraising page for A Grand Week in Wales and start collecting sponsorship and donations from friends and family.

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