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Why a Grand Welsh Relay?

Our Grand Week in Wales is an event designed to uplift communities across Wales by supporting key charities that assist the most vulnerable members of our society. Through a series of engaging fundraising events, we aim to foster connections, spread positivity, and promote a spirit of unity across Wales. Join us in this celebration of goodwill and help make a significant impact on the lives of those who need it the most.

What is the Grand Welsh Relay challenge?

The Grand Welsh Relay is a virtual circuit of the 1000-mile border of Wales which you can contribute towards from the comfort of your home or as part of your daily outdoor exercise. It is up to you how, where or when you complete your miles!
Suggestions include; running, walking, cycling, swimming or rowing on a row machine. We also encourage you to come up with your own challenges or team up with friends or a local sports team and set yourself a target you could collectively reach within the week.
We will regularly update the progress of the relay on social media and include photos from participants across the country showing off the wonderful sights of Wales.
The first mile of our relay will be run by Great Britain’s Paralympic Bronze medal winner Beverly Jones starting from Nanny Biscuit Base in Deeside, North Wales.
We know that a challenge like this can give people a real sense of purpose during difficult times and can help to bring communities from across the country together at a time when we are all physically distanced from each other.

How can i get Involved?

Logging your miles couldn’t be simpler! Just click the button below and fill in the form with the amount of miles completed and your location.

We also encourage you to take photos of yourself completing your leg of the relay which we will then share on our social media pages and website.
All you need to do now is set yourself a target and get as many people involved as possible. You could also use this as an opportunity to fundraise for Nanny Biscuit or a local charity of your choice.

All monies raised for A Grand Week in Wales are distributed in the following way;

20% to Nanny Biscuit to combat food poverty, isolation and loneliness, with the remainder evenly distributed between our brilliant national partner organisations

Make a donation

By donating to A Grand Week in Wales you will help Nanny Biscuit and our partner organisations to continue to reach those who need us most.

Ready to start fundraising?

Create your free fundraising page for A Grand Week in Wales and start collecting sponsorship and donations from friends and family.

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